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Athletes who fail to wear a protective mouth guard at the required times are always at increased risk of suffering oral trauma. In some of these instances a blow to the mouth can carry so much force that it knocks a tooth out of the socket or causes it to shatter near the gumline.

In some of these cases the tooth itself or the underlying gums are too badly damaged to be saved and whatever remains of the root needs to be extracted from the gums. After everything has healed, you should consider scheduling an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Mallory Charging to restore your options for replacing the missing tooth.

With many of these cases she might recommend installing a dental bridge. It is essentially a solid piece of dental work that will be designed in a state-of-the-art dental lab to replicate the original tooth.

The dental bridge will include an open crown on each end which allows it to be cemented onto abutments prepared from the healthy cores of the two neighboring teeth. After it has been cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive the dental bridge will restore the essential function of the tooth for many years to come.

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