The Mouthwash Guide

Have you ever been caught in a rush and don’t have time to brush your teeth? Are you ever stuck with bad breath or plaque in your teeth at work? These are each common dilemmas and there is a common solution that works for both of them: mouthwash. Buying mouthwash... Read more »

There Are Several Methods for Improving the Cosmetic Appearance of Your Smile

Your smile’s appearance can be affected by several different things. Chips, minor dental fractures, mismatched fillings, and chronic dental staining problems can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. In a situation like this, you can call 715-253-3200 to set up a consultation appointment at Dr. Mallory Charging’s dental office... Read more »

Quality Whitening Toothpaste Can Play a Role in Your Oral Hygiene Routine

The surfaces of your teeth have microscopic pores and other textures that can gradually trap tiny dark particles from certain foods and beverages. These areas are particularly prone to trap tar and other chemicals from tobacco use. When surface stains aren’t removed from your teeth, it can leave you with... Read more »

The 411 on Dental X-rays

We often get asked about why we take X-rays or encounter people worried due to the radiation risk. Let us reassure you why we take them. X-rays are a necessary part of good patient care. Since we can see only about one-third of the actual tooth, X-rays provide valuable information... Read more »

What Lipstick Can do for Whitening Your Smile

If you’re anything like me — you want that BRIGHT white smile all of the time. I mean who is to say when Mr. Right might be around the corner or you’ll run into an old friend that needs to be reminded of just how great you truly are? I’m... Read more »

Do You Need to Replace Your Toothbrush After Strep Throat?

If you’ve ever experienced strep throat, you know that it’s THE WOOOOOOOORST! Anything that can cause you to not even enjoy food is an absolute nightmare in my opinion. Our hygienist Amy recently experienced this sick saboteur when her daughter caught the bug this week. As you can see it... Read more »

Mouthguards Now Used to Track Head Impact

ATTENTION ATHLETES! It’s getting to be mouthguard season again! Exactly one year ago, we told you Why Your Child Needs a Mouthguard and now we have more to report! Mouth protection is still just as important as shoulder pads and shin guards when it comes to your sports body armor.... Read more »

Is Natural Toothpaste Better?

Are you the type of person that dissects the ingredients list of everything? Would rather make your own candles? Can list your favorite essential oils? Or just really love the idea of all-natural products? Well then you may perk up at the thought of natural toothpaste and really wonder “Is... Read more »

You Have TMJ

Yup – you heard us right. We are officially diagnosing you with a TMJ, but it’s nothing to be concerned about! It’s a common misconception that TMJ means you are having jaw problems, when in actuality the ‘J’ only stands for joint. Everyone has joints in the their jaw! So... Read more »

Why Did My Teeth Cleaning Hurt?

Have you ever switched hygienists or waited awhile in between cleanings and noticed a big difference in the pain? Did you leave the office feeling your teeth cleaning hurt too much or missing the good ol’ days when your hygienist was gentle? Let us be the first to say we... Read more »