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Is Natural Toothpaste Better?

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Are you the type of person that dissects the ingredients list of everything? Would rather make your own candles? Can list your favorite essential oils? Or just really love the idea of all-natural products? Well then you may perk up at the thought of natural toothpaste and really wonder “Is natural toothpaste better for me?”. We have had more and more patients inquire about the pros and cons and just like with anything, it’s not for everyone. But the world likes options and we like to keep our patients in the know of these options. It does break down to each individual and catering to your specific wants and needs. Oddly enough the pros and cons are the same…let us explain why:

natural-toothpastePros of Natural Toothpaste

  • Price – If you go ‘super natural’ you can make your own toothpaste! This gives you the control of putting exactly what you want in your toothpaste and can easily cost less than the leading brands of toothpaste. Here are some recipe examples.
  • No Fluoride – In lieu of fluoride, these natural pastes use mint oils or herbal extracts, such as sage or neem oil, to protect teeth. Depending on where you live, you could be getting enough fluoride in your city-treated drinking water, in addition to getting fluoride treatments at your dentist.
  • Other Ingredients – Natural toothpastes provide no artificial chemicals, preservatives or sweeteners but make sure you find USDA certified.

Cons of Natural Toothpaste

  • Price – Most of the natural toothpastes on the market are more expensive than the leading brands of toothpaste. Not to mention we are already giving you a free toothpaste sample at your cleaning…….so you could be ahead of the financial game by using your free sample.
  • No Fluoride – Natural toothpastes usually do not contain fluoride. Fluoride helps your teeth become stronger and more resistant to plaque and thus vital to your oral health. Read more on our blog: Guide to Fluoride: Why You Need it and ADA’s New Recommendations on Childrens Fluoride Intake
  • Other Ingredients – At the end of the day the chemicals and possible side effects of swallowing excessive fluoride (mainly in children) is definitely still a factor, but if you’re not swallowing your toothpaste, you should be fine.

After research and reading about different brands, different people’s opinions and options, we think it’s important to note the fact that the bigger issue could be if you’re using your toothpaste correctly. As long as you’re using a form of toothpaste to clean your teeth – we say use what you like! If it tastes good to you or the ingredients help you sleep better at night, then even better! Just be sure to take your time! We find people are not brushing long enough. You should be brushing at least twice a day and at least 2 minutes each time! What good is the cleaning agent if you don’t even take the time to clean your teeth properly?! You should be focusing on every surface on every tooth. So remember to be happy, brush longer and be healthy!