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Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Screenings Help Improve Treatment Success Rates

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Consistently performing your oral hygiene routine will go a long way toward reducing your chances of suffering from gum disease and tooth decay. The process needs to include brushing your teeth each morning and evening, as well as remembering to floss each day. Maintaining good oral health in the long term also calls for having dentist administer a routine dental checkup, every six months.

These outpatient appointments at Szmanda Dental Wittenberg involve multiple phases. It starts with cleaning away any traces of hardened tartar while also polishing away surface stains. At that point our dentist will examine your mouth for signs of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health conditions.

If Dr. Mallory Charging finds a problem or an early sign of a developing issues she might recommend a preventative measure to arrest the process.

The dental checkup will also include a basic screening for early signs of oral and pharyngeal cancer. It is often performed at the end of the appointment. Catching these serious oral health maladies early can improve treatment success rates.

During the screening our dentist will carefully inspect your tongue, cheek, gums and throat for changes in color or other abnormalities. If you have noticed a problem be sure to let her know. If our dentist finds a potential area of concern, she may refer you to a specialist to confirm the diagnosis and start the treatment process.

If you are in the Wittenberg, Wisconsin, area and you have an oral health concern, please do not hesitate to call 715-253-3200 to schedule a checkup at Szmanda Dental Wittenberg.