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Teeth Whitening Treatments and Why They Are Needed

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As with many varieties of oral health care treatments, teeth whitening systems are designed to improve your smile. However, teeth whiteners focus less on your oral health and more on enhancing the visual aspects of your smile. With an effective tooth whitener, you can effectively combat deep stains and discolorations that alter the color of your teeth. For more information, consider the different types of teeth whitening systems and why they are needed:

Over-the-counter whitening:
– Over-the-counter whitening systems are the most common form of teeth whitening system, as dozens of new products have made their way to market in recent years to get in on the action of the teeth whitening craze sweeping the nation. Unfortunately, due to lack of oversight by outside agencies, these products go unregulated and can potentially be hazardous to your oral health. If used incorrectly, some products can bleach your gums or eat away your tooth enamel. Try to stay away from using any product without first consulting with your dentist.

In-office whitening:
– In-office whitening systems are administered directly under the supervision of a dentist in an office. They are considered the highest quality whitening treatment because the safest materials are used and the treatment is modified, altered, and molded to fit your exact dental profile and whitening needs. It’s noted that a 90-minute treatment can significantly whiten teeth in one visit.

At-home whitening:
– At-home whitening kits are administered by the patient themselves at home. A product or system is given to a patient by a dentist to use in their free time. Even though this service is not as highly rated as an in-office system because it lacks the guidance and aid of a professional, it can still be tremendously effective if you follow your dentist’s instructions.

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