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Tooth Enamel Attrition Needs to Be Treated Early

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Sometimes minor changes can occur in your dentition as you age. If two or more teeth in your bite pattern become misaligned, it can cause one to excessively grind on another. At first the change to the tooth enamel might be minor. Yet over the course of years it could cause an area of dental attrition capable of contributing to worsening complications.

Early on you might not notice tooth enamel attrition occurring. Over time you might notice a gradual change in the surface texture of a tooth, or increasing sensitivity.

With early detection and professional attention Dr. Mallory Charging might be able to repair the area of tooth enamel attrition by applying a dental filling made from metallic amalgam or composite resin. This treatment plan can help prevent bacteria from infiltrating the compromised tooth enamel and restoring the tooth’s structural integrity.

If she feels it’s needed she might also perform a minor dental contouring to slightly alter the biting surface of the tooth that caused the dental attrition. This involves carefully removing a minute amount of tooth enamel.

If the alignment issues is significant, Dr. Mallory Charging and her associates might recommend orthodontic treatments to improve the relationship of your bite pattern.

If you live in Wittenberg, Wisconsin, area and you suspect one of your teeth is suffering from dental attrition, you should call 715-253-3200 to have it treated and examined by the dental care specialists at Szmanda Dental Wittenberg’s clinic.