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What Lipstick Can do for Whitening Your Smile

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If you’re anything like me — you want that BRIGHT white smile all of the time. I mean who is to say when Mr. Right might be around the corner or you’ll run into an old friend that needs to be reminded of just how great you truly are? I’m a firm believer in staying ready and looking extraordinary. But when it comes to your smile, maybe you’re also like me and have a coffee addiction, or find yourself sipping on wine, tea or any of the other many culprits that triggers teeth staining. What a drag! You don’t want to whiten your teeth too often, but as a woman we have the miracle that is makeup! HALLELU’! Did you know that different shades of lipstick can actually affect how white your teeth look? It’s no accident that the striking lady in the toothpaste commercial is sporting that bright red lipstick. Maybe it’s Maybelline…but maybe it’s the science of color! Check out the proof right here of what lipstick can do for whitening your smile:


The 3 lip do do’s (Selfie ready!)

1. Rich reds and berry hues – These by far enhance your smile best. This is for that first date or job interview – or when you spent last Saturday night with Merlot and could use a reverse in the smile department.

2. Blue and Violet undertones: Lip colors with blue undertones will counteract with yellow in enamel, making your smile appear instantly whiter. Even some violet lipsticks we found had an amazing whitening effect. This is color wheel 101 and complimentary colors is going to get you just that – COMPLIMENTS! Go gurrrrl!

3. Shiny, nude glosses: Who doesn’t like a glossed lip? I’ll wait………..Exactly. Everyone does! If you have graying enamel, the reflective gloss can create an illusion that teeth are shinier than they actually are. It also helps to give you a friendly and approachable day to day look.

The 3 lip no no’s (Maybe smile sans teeth that day?)

1. Orange – But why? We’re not even sure why orange is an option other than for Halloween, but it definitely has a tendency to wash you out, thus making your smile less desirable.

2. The “Obvis” – I’d like to think for day to day, neons and black lipstick are the obvious anti-choice, but in the case they are in your makeup drawer, they have made the lip no no list. You might be thinking – “HEY! Neons make me look tanner!” Think of that bright orange nail polish your pedicurist suggested that looks so great on your toes! And although neons can have the opposite effect of black or orange in the tan department, these hues will also tend to have a dull effect on your chompers and that is defeating the purpose.

3. Super pale pinks / Frosty glows – We found that pale pinks and frosty/icy type shades will accentuates stains on your teeth and nobody wants that!

Have a color that you really like or has boosted your smile to the next level? Let us know! We’d love to know!